Monday, June 16, 2008

PAL Portal 1.0.5 Released

PAL Portal is JSR 168 compliant portal server. This portal is Jetspeed2 based server and includes portlets which PAL project provides. In this release, features are:
  • Bug fixes
  • Supported PSML in DB
  • Cluster support
  • Improved logging
  • Improved SSL page handling
  • Improved SSO features
  • Code cleanup
It is much appreciated if you can provide any feedback to us.

Download from: PAL Portal 1.0.5

How to install:

Note: Before running PAL Portal, you will need to install
Java SDK(1.5.x or later) and set environment JAVA_HOME

1. Download PALPortal-install-1.0.5.jar
2. Run installer
Open command shell, or DOS command box, type:
$ java -jar PALPortal-install-1.0.5.jar
You will see the installer executed. (Don't type '$')
3. Execute /bin/startup.[sh|bat]
4. Access http://localhost:8080/palportal to display
PAL Portal. To login as an administrator, you can use
admin/admin as Username/Password. To modify default pages,
use site/site as Site manager.

How to deploy PALab's portlets:

1. Login as admin
2. Navigate to Root >> Portal Administration >> Portlet Management
3. Click Deploy link you want to deploy

How to uninstall:

1. Delete the install directory,