Tuesday, December 30, 2008

N2 Collabo

N2 Collabo provides Groupware and Collaboration features as JSR 168 compliant portlet. These portlets are developed by Portal Application Laboratory project. N2 Collabo runs on JSR 168 compliant Portal Server, such as Jetspeed 2, Liferay, and JBoss Portal. N2 Collabo Community Edition is free to download and use under Apache license. N2 Collabo contains the following components:

  • Scheduler
  • Address List
  • Facilities Management
  • Message Board
  • Timecard
  • TODO List
  • Bookmark
  • Chat
  • Notepad
  • Google Gadgets
  • Netvibes Widgets
  • Virtual File System (VFS)
  • User Management
It is much appreciated if you can provide any feedback and contribution to us.


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