Friday, August 11, 2006

VFS Portlet 1.1 Released

Do you want to access various file system? If yes, please try this portlet. This portlet enables you to access file systems(ex. local file system) via commons-vfs. So, basically, this portlet will support file systems supported by commons-vfs(but I checked only a local file system..).

To deploy this portlet:
1) Download vfs-portlet.war
2) Deploy vfs-portlet.war(For how to deploy portlet, see portal server's document)

If you want user to access only some specified paths, you can set the following init param in portlet.xml:


The default value is ".*". It means user can access all file/directory. For example, if you want user to access files under /tmp and /home, the value is "/tmp/.*,/home/.*". On the other hand, if you want user not to access files, you can also use "deny-paths".


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